Levis, Grosdidier & Associates, LLC

Litigation Support | Forensic Accounting

Business Appraisal | Economic Damages


Levis, Grosdidier & Associates, LLC is a boutique consulting firm specializing in litigation support services dealing with complex financial, economic and accounting matters.

We specialize in the following types of engagements:

  • Business Appraisals for estate/gift/income taxes and management planning (e.g., buy/sell) purposes.

  • Economic damage quantification.

  • Investigative accounting and fraud examinations.

  • Divorce settlement services.

We believe that clients are best served with independent, objective and thoughtful analysis and assessments and have developed a reputation for transparent, on-time communication and deliverables to meet the needs of our clients and their professional advisors.

Our experienced business appraisal, forensic accountant and economic damages team has extensive expert witness testimony experience in courts throughout Colorado and federal court to ensure that all engagements receive the highest-quality services available.

If we don’t have the experience in an area relevant to your engagement, rest assured we will advise you on the best course of action and refer you to the highest-quality professionals providing the services appropriate for your engagement.