Business Appraisals

Establishing a credible and defensible assessment of value for any business or security requires in-depth, specialized experience and knowledge of applicable professional standards, methods and techniques.

Levis, Grosdidier & Associates, LLC performs valuation services for every type of client and motivation including litigation, taxation, transaction, financing, and planning needs. We structure innovative valuation solutions to challenging business problems in a practical, cost-effective manner designed to meet the specific needs of each client and situation.

Mr. Levis is one of only a select few Accredited Senior Appraisers in Business Valuation (“ASA”) providing business appraisal services in a litigation environment. ASAs are bound by the standards established by the American Society of Appraisers and the National Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice which ensure that valuation services meet, or exceed, an industry acceptable level of care, diligence, thoroughness and quality and that ethical guidelines are adhered to in the performance of valuation engagements. This process enhances the credibility of our work product and enables us to meet all applicable Internal Revenue Service valuation requirements and qualify as an expert in the court systems. This is critical should the valuation be challenged and need to be defended. In fact, U.S. Tax Court opinions indicate that appraisals by an Accredited Senior Appraiser automatically meet the IRS “Adequate Disclosure” Regulations.

We have extensive experience in preparing and defending business valuations in many different venues including civil litigation, divorce litigation and settlement negotiations with the IRS.

Mr. Levis' perspective is unique in the business appraisal profession by virtue of his hands-on experience with mergers & acquisitions in his prior roles as an officer of public and private companies. This vast experience provides a broad base of knowledge, which benefits the user of our business valuation services.

Our valuation services include:

  • Valuations of closely held businesses (including closely held corporations, general and limited partnerships, and limited liability companies).

  • Valuations of professional practices and practice ownership interests.

  • Intangible property valuations for divorce purposes including pension benefits and beneficiary interests in trusts.

  • Valuations of stock options, warrants, grants, and rights.

  • Valuations of securities and fractional business interests (including family limited partnership interests).